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Retail Interior Design includes designing and construction of the retail spaces. The combination of technical skills and creativity, along with engineers, contractors, interior designers, and other professionals to make pleasant and best retail environments. Or it can be defined as the visual component of your space along with strategic space management. It also involves making your store pleasing and supporting the brand identity. Master Decor Infra is a Retail Outlet Interior designing company that works with spatial elements to create a logical and practical structure. Master Decor Infra is a young establishment among many other showroom interior contractors in New Delhi.

The Retail store interior design is not the only thing that tells shoppers the type of experience they will have in that store. Everything about the store improves the environment of the store and enhances the shopping experience. The interior design of the store is infinite, just like the imagination of a designer. There could be several options like neon lightings, wood carvings, industrial-looking ceilings, LED bulbs, and RGB lights to enhance the shopping experience. A mall in Dubai features a 2.6 million gallon fish tank at its centre. The Great Lakes Crossing Mall in Aubum, Michigan, also features a big fish tank. The retail interior designers push out interesting solutions to fill out space in the store and attract shoppers.

In Retail Interior Designing, several processes are followed. Each step in the process is important, as it acts as a base for the following step, and it is important to make a project successful.

The steps followed in Retail Interior Design are

1. Due Diligence- The first step stage /phase of designing a project is the preliminary design stage/phase. However, the difference in commercial interior designing is that interior designers need to assess a particular location's full potential or assist in reviewing leases to protect the retailer during the due diligence.
2. Preliminary Design- The preliminary design is an important step as it bridges the gap between design conception and detail design.
3. Schematic Design- Schematic design includes the complete structure of the building, gather information about the needs, style, budget, etc., of the project. After this, the architect will provide a variety of designs to the customer.
4. Design Development- In this step, the architect would take the client's design finalised and progress it into a final design.
5. Construction – Once the client finalises the design, the construction work begins. The contractor and architect work together to ensure that the work is going on according to the plan.

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