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The concept of art and science to form Objects, Systems or Organisations is known as construction; further building construction is adding structure to the real properties. Master Decor Infra is a building construction company, with time turning into the best industry standard for great qualitative construction and designing resources. With this recent approach in this field, the company did some good work and currently considered the best Building Construction in Delhi alone. The building is a structure of brick and cement; there is a lot of planning and process to properly initiate the plan and set the organisation goals to achieve the best of the construction.

It is a science field where there is an equal blend of art and culture included in the construction of buildings. Further, it is a blend of different stylish designs, a creative approach, and certainly great architecture, further based upon the information and presentation of ideas at a very technical level. Building Construction includes several layers of complex steps involved in a single project of construction of a building. Every step is a base step for the next possible step and equally important for making the project a great success. The steps of building construction:

It can be broadly divided into two steps: pre-construction steps and steps during the construction of a building.

-Pre-construction steps can further be divided into six other working departments: Acquiring Landis the primary step in the process of construction of buildings, Seeking Technical Advises is necessary as extra knowledge comes with experience, Designing Process is the ultimate thinking process or visualisation of the future project, Preparation of Budget comes next where there is a need to estimate a rough figure of amount that can be invested in making a building successfully, Permission for Building from different departments of government is the healthy approach for future security, Approaching the builder is a crucial step one has to consult different organisations before settling up for a builder, Final Pre-construction step could be building the warranty period for the construction work going to happen.
-Process that are necessary during the building construction could be consisting of many circumstances and consequences. Hence, it starts with the clearance of the acquired land property; Excavation works for the building's structural strength. The foundation for the necessary base, putting the slab or plinth beam, setting the superstructure-column, brick Mansory works work primarily done, lintels are put over doors and window gaps, plastering the next process, floor slab and roof structure are constructed. The painting comes next where the customer's choice, fixing of door windows and exterior works, electronic and plumbing works are fine after, woodwork and internal finishes do as the penultimate process and completely structuring the woodwork and fixtures fitting to make a building construction done.

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